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Predeterminado Respuesta: Pokemon Giratina Legend | ALPHA 0.52 AVAILABLE
Goodmorning to all, i announce that the new version 0.52 of the alpha is available, in which the following bugs have been fixed:
- resolved the player palette reset
- solved the buggy dialogue during the saving of the game
- fixed bugged tile between peacefully city and path 2
- corrected the appearance of drifloon in path 3 (some actions during the adventure inhibited its appearance)
- corrected the battle of drifloon (there was the possibility that it would become a double battle)
- fixed some mapping errors
- now also the protagonist's head inside the world map and the mugshot in the VS BAR adapt to the characterization of the character

As some users asked me, I posted the patch in UPS format instead of the modified rom.
To be able to patch the ROM you need to use the Tsukuyomi UPS tool, available at the following link:
Then you will need to download a POKEMON RUBY (USA) rom and expand it to 32MB using the XSE tool.
Finally, apply the patch!

To download the new alpha version, click on the link in the main post!

Important notes:
It appears that the ROM only works with specific versions of the VBA and certain settings.
- Make sure you use version 1.7.2 of the VBA and set it as follows: "Options> Emulator> Save Type> Flash 128K".
- If you are using Windows 10, be sure to run the emulator with the "windows 7 compatibility mode".
This way, you shouldn't have any problems with freeze or white screens!