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As some users asked me, I posted the patch in UPS format instead of the modified rom.
To be able to patch the ROM you need to use the Tsukuyomi UPS tool, available at the following link:
Then you will need to download a POKEMON RUBY (USA) rom and expand it to 32MB using the XSE tool.
Finally, apply the patch!
Bro, I'm sure you don't really need to ask users to expand ROMs by themselves because many players may not even know what is XSE. Many hacks used UPS format and they all just ask users to patch on the original 16MB ROM (0907 Ruby).

And for people not working on Windows (like me), how do we know if we need to expand the ROM with 00 or FF?

I will suggest you using the patcher used by Japanese hackers which is much better than UPS (imo)

Edit: the filler byte should be FF

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