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Predeterminado Respuesta: Pokemon Giratina Legend | ALPHA 0.52 AVAILABLE
Good afternoon to everyone and welcome to a new update.
Before going into the numerous news of today, i wanted to thank all the users who had the opportunity and time to try the alpha of this project.
I had a positive response from you, and this encourage me to move forward and improve the project more and more.
That said, here are the first screen of beta 1.0:

Before explaining the various screens, it seems only right to "believe" the various users who made the tiles:
Phyromatical - houses, road, tree, rock
CallMeGav - inspiration for the bridge
Zetavares852 - base for the bridge
PeekyChew - base for the boat
ThatsSoWitty - lantern, cave wood porch, rails
Kyledove - interior gym tile, flowers
WilsonScarloxy - base for the temple
Nintendo - tile ruins, mill
- Let's start with the screen at the top left: We are in Bluefalls City, a maritime city built in the middle of the falls.
It also has a port, which is one of the most important points in the region for sea freight traffic.
- The screen immediately to the right shows Route 5, dotted with mills for the generation of clean and renewable energy.
It is adjacent to the previous city.
Let's move on to the central screens.
- The screen on the left shows a new part of the Origin Cave, a cave that extends into the largest mountain range in the region.
A part of it was used as a mine for the extraction of rocks and minerals; it is currently in disuse.
- The central screen depicts the final location of beta 1.0: an ancient ruin destroyed by time.
Initially it was inhabited by the family that ruled the Shinzo region.
It is said that the family kept a huge secret.
- The screen on the right shows the inside of the second gym.
It is a copy of Bugsy's gym of HGSS and, as you can guess, it's bug gym type.
Finally, let's move on to the last two screens below:
- The screen on the left depicts a small port located on route 4, west of Peacefully City.
This place is full of fishermen and water pokémon.
- Finally, in the screen on the right, we can see Quiet Wood.
This place is particularly suitable for those who want to relax, as it is characterized by a profound silence.

Before moving on to the next news, i've to point out one thing:
The effect of the light filtering from the tree branches is not complete yet, i still have to correct a small problem to make it actually usable!

Here we are with the latest news of today: in the next beta there will be weather conditions.
Each season will be characterized by 30% chance of having an active weather condition:
- In summer we will have intense sun
- In winter we will have snow
- In the autumn we will have a rain or thunderstorm
The weather will be variable and will change randomly after a certain period of time.

Finally, i wanted to warn you that due to the university/work the project updates will be suspended until September.
See you in a next update!