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Predeterminado Respuesta: Pokemon Giratina Legend | 24-12-19 | ALPHA 0.61 AVAILABLE
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I still have version 0.52 alpha, , now that I can also customize the character I have realized that this hack really deserves to be among the best hacks in history. I only ask for one thing: Andrea, please add the option to change the gender of your character at the beginning of the adventure! Nota: Hablo español, solo quiero que lo entienda
No problem, i understood everything perfectly!
First of all, thank you for the compliments.
The most recent version of the alpha is 0.61 and you can find it in the main post of this discussion.
As for the choice of the M/F player, i never thought of implementing it (in my imagination, i've always seen the player as male and be Steve's best friend).
I will see with future releases what to do.
Meanwhile, thank you for the suggestion.