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  1. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Dis - Otros] ¿Que es el Pokeruby?

    Re: Respuesta: ¿Que es el Pokeruby? We are now working on pokefirered, but it has no chance to be available soon. pokefirered now has ~21% source code decompiled while pokeemerald has ~96%.
  2. jiangzhengwenjz

    [RH - Scripting] Error con script y menú datos Pokémon

    Re: que estoy haciendo mal? At first, why do you consider var 0x7050 as usable? Obviously that will conflict with other memory area and cause unknown errors. (may be, this one) A 'null' pokemon (or bad egg) means that data in the pokemon slot can't pass the game's checksum algorithm. You can...
  3. jiangzhengwenjz

    [RH - Gráficos] Necesito una direccion de Unlz-GBA

    Hi, if you want to find the address of compressed data, you can use the log function in VBA-M as it's able to record everything related to SWI. Usually the game decompresses stuff into WRAM buffer (and will be copied to VRAM at some point via some callback with DMA probably) and you just need to...
  4. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Ruby] Pokemon Giratina Legend | 1-06-20 | ALPHA 0.7.6 AVAILABLE

    Re: Respuesta: Pokemon Giratina Legend | ALPHA 0.52 AVAILABLE Bro, I'm sure you don't really need to ask users to expand ROMs by themselves because many players may not even know what is XSE. Many hacks used UPS format and they all just ask users to patch on the original 16MB ROM (0907 Ruby)...
  5. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Ruby] Pokemon Giratina Legend | 1-06-20 | ALPHA 0.7.6 AVAILABLE

    Re: Respuesta: Pokemon Giratina Legend | ALPHA 0.5 AVAILABLE > Giratina Legend > has an alpha => I'm sure I'm dreaming Amazing! It worked fine on my VBA-m. You may want to give it a try probably
  6. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Rutina] [ASM] Wild Double Battle in BPRE

    Re: Respuesta: [ASM] Wild Double Battle in BPRE No unless you can understand my code written for armips... Anyway it's easier to insert it automatically.
  7. jiangzhengwenjz

    [ASM] Check STAT

    Hi. LSL with the immediate number 1 is already 2x, so you should have put #1 instead of your #0x2. And as I've mentioned, you don't need push and pop here. What you need is a simple 'bx lr' under label 'end', w/o any push/pop in your routine. LR is usually only changed by BL. i.e. ldr r0...
  8. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Otros] FR, E | Trainer Card y PokéDex en la Mochila

    Re: [GBA] | Trainer Card y PokéDex en la Mochila I don't want to discourage you but this is a really bad idea. 1. There's no point in putting script when implementing this feature. What you need is ASM, not ASM -> script -> Callasm -> ASM. 2. IDK how it looks like, but I'm quite sure it's...
  9. jiangzhengwenjz

    [ASM] Check STAT

    Hi, i just took a glance at your routine and i think some points need to be improved obviously. 1. When you write a C function (e.g. something to be called by callasm script command), you never need to push r0-r3, as they're assumed to be 'temporary variables' and other functions won't need...
  10. jiangzhengwenjz

    JZW 2016 Code Snippets

    kakarotto ty bro! EnamoratDeKatie Yes you need to learn task system, oam knowledge and some functions related with bg0.
  11. jiangzhengwenjz

    JZW 2016 Code Snippets

    This a thread featuring a small portion of my code in 2016. They're not able to be compiled because they're directly grabbed from my old project. If you want to try yourself, make sure that you have enough ASM & C knowledge! The main idea is still trying to introduce some related knowledge to...
  12. jiangzhengwenjz

    E - FR | Recopilación de Offsets frecuentes en rutinas ASM

    I think it's better to write them in C function format to make them clearer. (especially for those having over 4 arguments)
  13. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Fire Red] Pokemon Ancient - Montura Flygon 05-04

    Re: Pokemon Ancient - ¡BETA 4 LIBERADA! Sometimes what's impressive is not that you did some incredible stuff, but kept devoted to the project for a long period of time. Great work man
  14. jiangzhengwenjz

    [RH - Otros] Aparece evolucionando Bad Egg

    Bad egg means that the checksum of pokemon is not passed, and it's not supposed to appear when you're playing a game. typically the appearance of bad egg is because ppl don't know how to assign free RAM space for new flags and variables and then the pokemon RAM/box RAM data gets interfered.
  15. jiangzhengwenjz

    FR | [En proceso] [ASM] Show OAM

    Re: Respuesta: Re: FR | [En proceso] [ASM] Show OAM Handling data directly from memory, is always not recommended. (The game always use DMA transfer, buffer, etc. lol) Basically, what we need to do is just to find built-in functions to accomplish our goal. You can find some really useful OAM...
  16. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Ruby] Pokémon Triángulo Origen | Road Beta final

    Re: Respuesta: Pokémon Triángulo Origen | Road Beta final Hello ReoNeky. Your hack looks good and attractive. Would you mind telling me the progress of beta 5? Does it has elite 4? Or it's only with several gyms?
  17. jiangzhengwenjz

    [RH - ASM] Error en rutina mugshots por ASM.

    i think it's your fault. but pls don't use this routine, it doesn't use the built-in obj alloc system.
  18. jiangzhengwenjz

    ¿Qué estás escuchando ahora?

    The Pillows - FLCL OST
  19. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Rutina] [ASM] Evolution via Callasm in FR

    Re: Respuesta: [ASM] Evolution via Callasm in FR I don't know precisely what you mean as you spoke in Spanish, but if you want to deal with slots and species, you can just modify the routine to check if the specified pokemon is in the player's party to make it work for you. I, personally, have...
  20. jiangzhengwenjz

    [Gráficos] FR | Cambiar Fondo de la Mochila

    Re: Respuesta: Re: FR | Gráficos | Cambiar Fondo de la Mochila you can ask Delta231#8601 on discord for them