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  1. Andrea

    [RUBY] IV/EV Viewer

    Goodmorning everyone. Today i would like to release the code of a feature that i developed a few days ago, that is a "visualizer" of IV/EV of the pokémon of our team. Since this implementation is quite complex, i decided to abandon the ASM and develop it entirely in C. Here is the code: The...
  2. Andrea

    [Otros] R | Physical/Special Split

    Good evening to all. Today i would like to explain how to implement the physical/special split, a feature introduced in the IV generation that involves assigning the type of a move, physical or special, based on different criteria than previous generations. In fact, until the III generation what...
  3. Andrea

    [ASM] R | Gen 6 Exp.Share

    Good evening to all. Today I would like to explain how to implement the exp. sharing of sixth generation, whose peculiarity live in the fact that all the members of our team will receive experience, even if they haven't participated in the battle. In this case, the pokémon in the field will...
  4. Andrea

    [Script] [FR]Show item image when it added to the bag

    Good morning! These days i saw an update of an Italian hack, where there was a very interesting feature, that is the loading the image of items when they added to the bag. Since it seemed like a nice thing to implement in our ROMs, today i'll explain how to do that! #1 - Hook and asm routine...
  5. Andrea

    [ASM] R, FR | Realistic DNS

    Hi! In these days i developed a variant of PrimeDialga's DNS. While in the first version there were only 6 possible filters to distinguish the various parts of the day, in this version we could decide how many filters have and realize a transition effect between one period and another. Here is...
  6. Andrea

    [Parche] Menù with icon (DPP)

    Hello everyone, today I would share with you this little patch: As you can see from the screen, the patch will add the icons of the DPP next to each menu item. Note: - If the menu item "Pokenav" should be active, the icons will be loaded out of phase respect to the corresponding menu item. This...
  7. Andrea

    [Rutina] [ASM] Change Trainer Sprite of Trainer Card

    Hello guys, in this guide I will explain the change of the sprite in the trainer card in the rom of RUBY USA. As we all know we can have 2 sprites: Male & Female Player. Using the offset WBTO 02024EAC (overwriting 0 or 1) you can change the sex of the pg and the resulting sprite, unfortunately...
  8. Andrea

    R | Tiles con triple capa

    Hello guys :) Today I would like to show a little research already been done in the past by an English hacker, still we don't know how he did it because it has not issued any tutorials relating to it. The research involves an additional block tile to the two normal editable with advance map...
  9. Andrea

    [Herramienta] [GBA] Asm compilator

    Good morning, today i would like to share with you the new and, hopefully, definitive assembler i'm working on for two days. Download: Now i'm going to explain all features in the tool: If you find any kind of bugs, write it...
  10. Andrea

    [ASM] Insert asm routine

    Hello guys ^^ Well today I would like to explain as clear as possible how to insert asm routines in a rom. 1° step: download assembler First of all, begin to download an assembler for your routine asm ^^ Council Hackmew assebler: Once...
  11. Andrea

    [ASM] Change status of pokemon

    Hello guys today I would like to offer you a little routine for asm change the status of a pokemon of our team ^^ first of all we need to know where is the offset required in this case: offset_stato: 030043B0 Between each pokemon status distance themselves 100 bytes this is the routine that we...
  12. Andrea

    [Parche] Pokemon HGSS Patch Tile

    Hello everyone, today i would like to show a HGSS Tile Patch for Pokemon RUBY USA: Download: Pokemon HGSS Tile credits: Kyledove Andrea (if you like) x'D
  13. Andrea

    [Herramienta] [Ruby/FR] Andrea & †Kirito hack tool GBA

    Hello everyone I like to show our tools for gba hacking. Showpokepic Limit Editor: removes the command lock "showpokepic" to display more showpokepic. Image: Version 1.0 ONLY RUBY Showpokepic Limit Editor.rar Version 1.1 ONLY RUBY Showpokepic Limit Editor 1.1.rar Version 1.2 RUBY & FIRE RED...
  14. Andrea

    Midi gba pokemon link

    Hola a todos ^^" Alguien puede escribir unas cuantas páginas para descargar el midi que se incluirán en rom? Por desgracia no puedo encontrar Gracias ...
  15. Andrea

    [Base] Calis Project rom base

    No sé cuántos pueden servir, sin embargo, colocar este parche que cambia el azulejo con los de Proyecto calis ^^"para que puedo añadir más fichas. Download patch 1.0: Pokemon calis project.ips Download patch 2.0: Pokemon calis project 2.0.ips el parche se debe aplicar al pokemon ruby USA...
  16. Andrea

    offset batalla paleta abeja

    Hola a todos tengo un problema :( Lamentablemente no sé el offset del paleta del fondo de batalla en APE. alguien podría escribir aquí abajo? :) Gracias de antemano
  17. Andrea

    iconos de menu tool??

    Hola chicos que querían saber una cosa: ¿Qué herramienta se pueden cambiar los iconos de menú? Como por ejemplo en esta pantalla:
  18. Andrea

    [Ruby] Pokemon Giratina Legend | 01-12-21 | GENERAL UPDATE

    General Information: Creator: Andrea Rom base: RUBY USA Language: ITA Plot: - "The ECO project is a failure", 5 years earlier than the current narrative arc - A group of researchers is working on a revolutionary project in a laboratory. If successful, the experiments conducted within it would...
  19. Andrea

    Pokemon Giratinas Legend

    Salve a tutti oggi vi mostra la nuova versione di Pokemon Giratina Legend. Scusatemi per la pessima pronuncia spagnola, sono italiano! Rom basado : RUBY Idioma: ENG Equipo: Ghha (fundador, guionista, tilesetter, Grapher) ¶ En ™ (Tilesetter, tileset paleta, la animación baldosa) Pierz___...
  20. Andrea

    Pokemon Giratina's Legend

    Hola a todos, hoy quiero mostrar mi hack rom primero! Parcela: El "Elegido", la persona que se le ha dado el poder de alterar el pasado para vivir mejor en esto! Este poder, terminaron en las manos equivocadas podría conducir a la ruina de la región de Shinzo! El equipo Rocket está listo para...