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  1. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial: 03 - Battle Engine Upgrade, Emerald USA

    Today I will teach you how to set up and apply a various mechanical update on your Emerald rom hack. Download here the file that contains the Engine: Battle Engine Upgrade This here is the source of the Engine: Battle-Engine-Upgrade In the post above you will see what this Engine updates in...
  2. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial: 02 - Item Expansion, Emerald USA

    In today's tutorial you'll learn how to expand emerald binary items and purse. First of all, you'll need your expanded Pokémon rom that you expanded in the previous tutorial. To do this, take your expanded rom (test.gba) and your .ini(test.ini) and place them in an easy place because we will...
  3. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial: 01 - Pokémon Expansion, Emerald USA

    This tutorial aims to help expand the Pokémon from your Emerald rom hack. You can proceed smoothly in this tutorial if you have followed this tutorial. Something worth mentioning is that you must do something, first of all, to be able to compile the Pokémon expansion correctly in your rom. The...
  4. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial - Configuring DevkitPro

    This quick tutorial is useful if you want to use CFRU/DPE or some build file for binary roms, emerald's Battle Engine Binary Upgrade is an example. First, download this file here: DevkitPro Or you can download by the official link: Aqui Download it and then extract it. After extracting, click...
  5. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial - Inserting the Wings(Feathers) items

    These items are the Feathers that grant an EV point in a certain status of your Pokémon. The logic of inserting the effect of this item is basically the same as this Tutorial Here, so give it a look before we proceed with this. In all there are 6 items, each responsible for raising the EV of a...
  6. LiYuner

    [Herramienta] ModExe - Emerald

    Update v14.1: Fix Mod: Item Cap 999 The count of the items was not being shown correctly because I ended up putting the incorrect data of one of the asm's in the mod. Apply the corrected mod over your rom data and then test it to see if everything works fine. Screenshot: Download link updated...
  7. LiYuner

    [Herramienta] ModExe - Emerald

    New Update v14: New Mod: Faster Battle Intro(Like Unbound) New Mod: Auto Case New Mod: Cleanse Tag Modifiers New Mod: Battle “X Item” increase by 2 New Mod: Shorten Fainting Animation New Mod: Synchronize Guarantees Wild Natures New Mod: Unlimited Block Feeding New Mod: Item Cap 999 Download...
  8. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial - Removing Old Sprites, Icons, Digital and Cries - Emerald & Fire Red

    I believe you've thought at some point about the possibility of removing old data from certain things in your rom hack, such as sprites. Let's say you update Bulbasaur's sprite, the program will insert his sprite in a new location, but the location where his old sprite is still being used, the...
  9. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial - Nature Info+

    Offsets for ruby added in the post.
  10. LiYuner

    [Herramienta] A-Text - New .ini More Complete.

    New Update, v3. - Old New Update, v4. - Current
  11. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial - Nature Info+

    This tutorial will aim to help you add extra information regarding Nature in the summary. It's basically this here: Briefly, this change aims to replace the name of Nature shown in the summary, with direct information on what Nature has changed in status. In the case of the print above, the...
  12. LiYuner

    [Otros] Tutorial - Easy and Secure Translation by A-Text

    A backup of your rom hack is welcome before any changes are made. Better safe than sorry. As many know, translating any text by A-Text can cause bugs in your rom hack. Well, I will briefly explain why this occurs. When entering new text with a number of characters greater than your original...
  13. LiYuner

    [Herramienta] A-Text - New .ini More Complete.

    This A-Text is the same as always, the only difference is this .ini new one that brings several presets of configured offsets.
  14. LiYuner

    [Herramienta] ModExe - Emerald

    Modexe Emerald(USA) This modexe aims to facilitate the quick addition of small mods/changes to your Emerald rom hack. In all there are 58 mods available in the tool, I hope to be able to make more mods available in the future. The proper credits of each mod are contained in the hack file.ini, it...
  15. LiYuner

    [Herramienta] A-Text - New .ini More Complete.

    What I bring is an A-Text with a new .ini with new offsets configured to read various texts in the game. I'll gradually update the data on the .ini, so be aware that it will take a long time before the content available on .ini is very attractive. Below I will leave some screenshots of what has...
  16. LiYuner

    Traducción de datos de la Pokédex en Pokémon Esmeralda

    Respecto al sistema que cálcula el peso y la altura de los Pokémon, tiene solución. Descarga The Modexe desde el siguiente enlace, en él encontrarás un mod que te permitirá convertir este sistema de Emerald al sistema métrico. Funciona solo en Emerald USA. Os dejo con una imagen demostrando la...
  17. LiYuner

    [C] E | Expandir pokémon personalizado

    Quizás esto te ayude: lKl0Ogbr2kI
  18. LiYuner

    [Herramienta] ModExe - Emerald USA

  19. LiYuner

    Sí, és Li Yun#7773

    Sí, és Li Yun#7773
  20. LiYuner

    [Individual] EM - Summary Dark Mod

    @Versekr Dark & @Lunos Aparentemente funcionó con éxito la paleta de colores actual que puse a disposición. Probablemente el amigo Versekr ha insertado algo en algún lugar equivocado, lo que resulta en lo que se muestra en la imagen de su comentario. Si desea probar e informar del resultado...