[EM] Development - Pokemon Roaming for Emerald (ported version)

FBI was wrote a new Pokemon roaming mechanic in 2014 but unfortunately it is only for Fire Red :

I have been tried my best to port it to Emerald but there are some unsure offsets, included the inserting offset (0xB4E78) and the offsets of 0x80B4F40 +1 and 0x80B4E84 +1 in the ModEncounter routine.

The download link included a MHTML document (ported in the beginning), improvement routines for Fire Red (found it in FBI github) and improvement routines for Emerald (ported version).

I hope anyone who knows ASM and hacks Emerald could improve the code and complete it. Thank you very much.

Download link : Roaming.rar?dl=0
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