[Fire Red] Pokemon Blast Burn V4.4 [Complete]


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You will play as Red with the same story of Pokemon Fire Red. The only changes that have been added to this ROM Hack are the NEW Rivals and Events that will be connected to the story of Pokemon Titanium which will be released in the future.

  • New Items
  • New Moves and Abilities
  • AI Increased
  • Day and Night system
  • Exp All
  • Exp Gain from catching Pokemon
  • Mega in battle
  • Gen 1-7 Pokemon
  • Ultrawormholes
  • Running Indoors
  • Poison Survival
  • BW Style Pokemon Menu
  • New Bag Style
  • BW Overworld Sprites
  • New Characters
  • Wonder Trade System (Located in Viridian and One Island)
  • Move Maniac (Located in Viridian and One Island)
  • Link Battle Available
  • New Evolution Method
Pokémon Fire Red 807.pngGrass.pngPokémon Fire Red 808.pngSea Background.png
Mega.pngPokémon Fire Red 809.pngPokémon Fire Red 812.pngMr. Stone.png
Pokémon Blast Burn V4.3.png

Current Bugs:
  • When you open Teachy TV, it causes your game to freeze
  • Mega Evolution Doesn't Work in Double Battle
  • There are times that some moves have a graphical error (glitch) during double battle.
  • You can't trade 4-7 gen Pokemon it freeze the game (But you can use them in Link Battle)
  • All Pokemon in the Pokedex has no description
  • When you record your 4-7 gen Pokemon in Hall of Fame that Pokemon will be replaced with other Pokemon.
  • Red-kun for Trainer Red Battle Back Sprites
  • joojishibuki for Red Trainer Sprite
  • NePenNameGirl for Red Overworld Sprite
  • tebited15 for Prof Oak and Green Overworld
  • Diegoisawesome for GBA Intro Manager
  • polloron for his Mega Charizard X without his artwork I won't be able to make the Game Cover for Blast Burn
  • silentdeath for Lesser Sprite aka Trainer Dusk
  • seiyouh for the Kanto Gym Leader Sprites
  • Jaizu for bag insertion tutorial and Nisarg for his bag sprites!
  • Jolt Steven: Fire Red Rombase 807 and for personally helping me when I need help with his rombase
  • Sobata92 and eternalhavoc: Trainer Dhan Sprites
  • Againsts: Pokémon Summary Screen BW & Pokémon Selection Screen
  • Hollowroxas: Text Box Pokémon Platinum & Hot Battle Pokémon Platinum
  • Think0028: Exp. All
  • Gamer2020: Pokémon Game Editor (PGE)
  • Lu-Ho: Advanced Map
  • Froosty The_Learner: TL's Quick Enhancer
  • Maël Hörz: HxD
  • Jambo51: Day / Night-Evolution System.
  • HackMew: Advanced Palette Editor
  • MrDollSteak: MrDollSteak's Decap. and Attack Rombase.
  • Darkshade: HGSS style tiles
  • Omega: HGSS style trainers
  • Lunos for the Wonder Trade System

PS. If you encounter a bug which is not in the list kindly tell me so that I would be able to fix it immediately.
Sorry guys I can only speak and understand english.
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Another Update 😂
Reason : Since many People are having a hard time evolving the Pokemon with it's original evolution Method I change the Evolution Method of the Pokemon in this List.
Kadabra - level 40 - Alakazam
Machoke - level 40 - Machamp
Graveler - level 40 - Golem
Haunter - Moon Stone - Gengar
Poliwhirl - Sun Stone - Politoed
Slowpoke - Sun Stone - Slowking
Onix - level 35 - Steelix
Seadra - Water Stone - Kingdra
Scyther - Moon Stone - Scizor
Rhydon - Moon Stone - Rhyperior
Porygon - level 32 - Porygon2
Porygon2 - Thunderstone - Porygon-Z
Feebas - Water Stone - Milotic
Clamperl - Moon Stone - Huntail
Clamperl - Water Stone - Gorebyss
Boldore - Sun Stone - Gigalith
Gurdurr - level 45 - Conkeldurr
Karrablast - level 30 - Escavalier
Shelmet - level 30 - Accelgor
Lickitung - level 33 - Lickilicky
Tangela - level 38 - Tangrowth
Aipom - level 32 - Ambipom
Yanma - level 33 - Yanmega
Piloswine - level 44 - Mamoswine
Mime Jr. - level 20 - Mr. Mime
Bonsly - level 20 - Sudowoodo
Steenee - level 35 - Tsareena