[Ruby] Pokemon Giratina Legend | 19-05-20 | ALPHA 0.7.6 AVAILABLE


Leyenda de WaH
Replies to previous comments:
Take all the time to polish this awesomeness. All the effort put to show new features is simply outstanding. One of the things that I never liked was the new game screen. That font used looked pixelated and weird. Now it's more than perfect!

Keep your impressive job!
Thank you very much for the compliments!
This is the reason why i decided to update the loading screen: i had made the old strings graphics with an online software and the final result was not the best...

Yo bro.

As someone said before, this is the best hack that i've ever seen. It's just increible how dedicated you are, and the results are simply awesome.
By the way, I can't believe you're still using ruby as ROM; but isn't a problem, because effort and dedication looks to be enough. Nice work, congratulations.

At last, I love the new indoor. I don't even know if you draw by yourself that tiles, but they're amazing. Everything looks perfectly armonized, and pallets look so sweet. Same with outdoor, u know; but that's something we already know, I have to said.

Well, I hope you be more active here! I really wanna see more from you and your hack soon.

See you after!
Thank you so much!
Several tiles have been designed or modified by me, but much of the credit also goes to the original creators that inspired me!
You mentioned the fundamental aspect i've focused on in the last period: attention to detail.
I'm trying to make maps that are sometimes slightly smaller than normal, but full of details, trying to combine the various elements harmoniously.
In my opinion, this "aspect" will be even more present in the screens that you will see in the next updates!

Thanks to some reports received these days, i decided to release a new version of the alpha, the 0.7.6, downloadable as usual from the link in the main post.
The following bugs have been fixed in this version:
- Correct behavior of plant tiles inside the pokémon center
- Fixed Peacefully City icon appearance once starting adventure from a save
- Fixed some mapping errors
- Fixed graphic bug in the battles

Finally, i take advantage of this message to really thank the whole community for voting my project in the various categories of the PWaH competition.
I had the opportunity to watch the live in which the results were announced and i noticed with pleasant surprise how many people supported my project.
All this support encourages me to move forward and continue working on this project, thanks again.