[Ruby] Pokémon Mezame [Beta 0.6]


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Titolo: Pokémon Mezame
Rom Base: Ruby USA
Team: Ketan
Language: Italian

If you want you're wish to become true,
somenthing important you must sacrifice.

You're a shy and fearful guy. When you were 6 years old your parents have vanished, no one knows what happened.
From that time you've been raised as a brother by Prof. Tiziano, a young and talented Pokémon Reasercher. With him and Tommaso and Luna, childhood friends, in these years you've been doing varius commisions.
But soon this fake peace will slowly fade away, and you'll have to confront a dark past and a chaotic future.
Will you be able to fight it?


-Colored stats based on natures;
-Ost from 4-5 gen games;
-5-6 hours of gameplay, with 3 Towns, 3 Routes, a Gym Battle and 1 optional area to explore!

Beta 0.6

Known Bug:
-The evolution background is bugged, it will be fixed in the next version of the game!
-Kakuna backsprite is a little too high


Others that I probably have forgot, correct me if I'm wrong!
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I see that it can be improved a lot, but for such a short beta, it is going well.
The graphic section is quite careful, but it can be improved.
The statistics routine in the menu, unless you have fixed it, has errors on the PC.
Other than that, I quite like it.

Good luck and regards.


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Uploaded a new version of the rom, here's a list of the changes!

-Now the background visible during the evolution of a Pokémon is displayed correctly;
-Now the stats of a Pokémon will be displayed correctly in the Pc
-Buffed the team of the first Gym Leader.


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Hello, nice hack! As you can see, we added it to our catalog, made an article and a video. You have the pwrmission to edit it in the catalog section and upload also the link there. This time, I will do it for you, so no worries.


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I hope you've been doing well so far this year.

I decided to post a little update to celebrate this:

Thanks for everyone who voted my Project, I was really surprise so many of you liked it!
I'll try to do my best this year too.

Too much words, let's get to the update!

1) Anwell Village:

A little village that in recent years, thanks to archaeological discoveries, has become "haunted" by many researchers who wants to know more about the Ruins situated nearby.

I'll leave the entire map here, if you want to see it:

2) Anwell Ruins:

This Ruins take their name from the near Village where you can explore and study the relics of a lost Empire, it seems like this was a place of some importance to that ancient civilization.
It took me more than 2 weeks to create this map, but the outcome is something I'm satisfied with.

I'll leave this map too under spoiler, if you want to look at it and tell me what you think about it!


This is it for this month, see you soon!


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Congrats for the award! It's amazing how your game is improving with each update. Keep it going!
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