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  • Acabo de ver vuestro proyecto muy bueno sobretodo el arte me gustado, si quereis alguien mas para Brainstorm, podeis checar mi publicaciónes (un poco spam, ahora que lo leo, pero vamos que no van a mala fe) XD, tengo dos publicaciones, una donde pongo ideas que se me van ocurriendo y otra donde """"creo un juego"""" Pokemon Revolution.
    hola andrea, ¿sabes como crear un OBJ en el OAM?
    Necesito crear un "sprite" que tenga 2 características
    1 ) que pueda estar animado (tener frames)
    2) moverse en el mapa, (x/Y)

    I fell in love as soon as I tried the Pokemon Giratina legends alpha, I think the game is looking great and I would love to be able to follow it, I hope you find the time and inspiration to continue it, I encourage Andrea ^^
    Hello! I just have some questions about your Exp share routine. I see your routine behaves exactly as the Gen VI one. I'm wondering if that routine can be ported to FR. I am now trying to doing it so I want to make sure that is possible to stop working on it. (Not sure if Exp. Structure is different between R and FR)

    I know there is one already for FR, but it seems yours is better and bugless.
    Hey Andrea, when will the next update of Pokemon Giratina's Legend? Greetings :)
    Andrea disculpa que flags están libres en pokemon ruby?

    Andrea sorry that flags are free in pokemon ruby?
    When I speak with an npc, he shows background image with frames for to animate it. This is my goal.

    And about university not problem, without hurry.
    Hey Andrea. I hope that u will be help me with animated cutscenes or static cutscenes for dissasembly. Take care!
    hola pana me gusta el juego de pokemon Giratina's Legend, estoy escribiendo una historia para un juego de pokemon y quisiera pedirte que me ayudes a hacer el juego si no puedes ahorita que sea cundo termines este gran proyecto porque el juego que quiero crear quisiera que tuviera escenas del anime asi como tu proyecto... Espero tu respuesta
    hi, nacho has sent me one of your routines, i want to modify it for FR. But dont know what those offsets are. Can u explane me how it works?

    .ALIGN 2

    @080A30FE 00000000
    @080A3102 0000480047xxxxxx08

    PUSH {R0-R7}
    LDR R0, = 0x02026B42
    LDRH R0, [R0]
    CMP R0, #0

    LDR R1, = 0x04000010
    MOV R0, #0
    STRH R0, [R1]
    LDR R0, = 0x020297F8
    LDRH R0, [R0]
    LDR R7, = 0x08F16E00
    MOV R3, #0xFF
    LSL R3, R3, #8
    ADD R3, #0xFF
    MOV R5, #4
    LSL R5, R5, #8
    LDRH R2, [R7]
    CMP R2, R3
    CMP R0, R2
    ADD R7, #8
    B LOOP

    LDRH R2, [R7, #2]
    LSL R2, R2, #3
    LDR R3, = 0x08F16D60
    ADD R0, R3, R2
    LDR R4, [R0]
    LDR R0, [R0, #4]
    LDR R1, = 0x0202F048
    SWI 0x12
    SUB R1, R1, R5
    SWI 0x12
    MOV R0, R4
    LDR R1, = 0x06008020
    SWI 0x12
    LDR R0, = 0x08F16DD0
    LDR R1, = 0x0202F048
    ADD R1, R1, #0x20
    MOV R2, #8
    SWI 0xC
    SUB R1, R1, R5
    SWI 0xC
    LDR R0, [R7, #4]
    LDR R1, = 0x06008400
    SWI 0x12

    LDR R0, = 0x0600F800
    MOV R1, #0xC0
    LSL R1, R1, #8
    ADD R1, R1, #1
    MOV R2, #14
    MOV R3, #1
    BL LOOP_

    MOV R1, #0xD0
    LSL R1, R1, #8
    ADD R1, R1, #32
    MOV R2, #14
    MOV R3, #2
    BL LOOP_

    POP {R0-R7}
    ADD SP, SP, #0x14
    POP {R0}
    BX R0

    STRH R1, [R0]
    ADD R1, R1, #1
    ADD R0, R0, #2
    SUB R2, R2, #1
    ADD R0, R0, #0x22
    MOV R2, #14
    SUB R3, R3, #1
    BX LR
    Andrea pudieras pasarme la rutina de los carteles? Quizás yo pueda modificarla para FR!
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