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  • Hello!
    Remember that in a Tutorial you must specify what Rom is, I say it for this post: "Gender Based Bag Palette".
    By the way, your routine is great.

    Hi, as I told you before, if you wish, between the two we can make a collaboration, since you do not know Spanish and I am bilingual, we could present works in both English and Spanish.
    I do not know if you are interested, my English is not the best, excuse my misspelling.
    Even so, if you are interested you can tell me how to communicate more fluently.
    Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
    SO despite everything I gave you a chance to join my team and was willing to accept you on it. You then say you are going to be busy with school so you can't join. Now you are trying to start your own team. SMH, I should have never given you a chance.
    Yes, I know you want to create a team using discord and make them fill a form. But I'm not talking about the team building, i'm talking about the project idea. The people when posts a thread in this forum shares a small fragment of the history or something at least, if not, the people is not interested to join a team which he doesn't know what he is going to do. I'm sure you got some ideas in your head, just share it. I'm not requesting a long description of it, only a few lines. Only the enough to attract minimal attention to the community.
    I moved your thread to the teaming forum. Anyways, you should give more info about the project or i will have to close it. At least share your principal ideas.
    Yes, there is.

    You commented on a thread that I created in pokecommunity
    My name is AlphaPro_25.Your patch have an error,the nature boost is marked in blue and the negative in red.
    Wow I didn't notice another PokeCommunity member has registered here xD

    Welcome to WaH I'm one of the administrators around here, if you need something just tell me ;)

    Oh, and don't worry about talking about other Rom Hacking Forums, knowledge is power hahahaha
    In this forum most of the users speak Spanish, but do not worry about speaking English, at least I have basic English, and if I understand so many words I imagine that others will know more than I do and will not have problems to understand you :D Goodnight good afternoon or Good morning XD :)
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