[Ruby] Pokémon Drab Conspiracy [ITA] - Beta 1.5

Kanto. Some years after the Hoenn storyline.
Have you ever wondered how a country would look like after hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and seaquakes?
This ROM hack brings you back to the first Pokémon region, but with a new twist: Everything described above has already happened, because of the mess Maxie and Archie did in Hoenn. Yup, shit is bound to happen when you mess with the two continental Pokémons to terraform the planet...
Follow an all-new experience set in a never before seen Kanto. Experience the untold story of a young trainer who's beginning his first grand adventure. But...
Something's wrong.
You'll meet people whose purpose is not to steal Pokémon or make money, nor do they use their Pokémons to change the climate or anything else. They... Don't use their Pokémons at all!
Maybe their scheme is something beyond your comprehension. Maybe something has left them disappointed and has made them willing to fight... Who? Or what?
Will those people get their revenge?
Venture across this messed up Kanto, bigger but also more mysterious. Join the Protagonist along his journey, debunk conspiracies and become the very best, or... Die trying.

TEAM (From
IvanFGK, Andrea, Flygon, Lex@97, Gabriel, Stygian, Carl_J90

Unix, DragonType, MasterNinja98, PacoScarso, Zeppho, Zer0, Spinda94, eMMe97, fuji97

874521, Kyle-Dove, Speedialga, Sagaxxy, Crito, WesleyFG, 0RCV0, CriSH698


This beta contains a minimum of five/six hours of gameplay (probably more), so we decided it was a good starting point to show the game to ROM hack enthusiasts and see how it's received among the audience.
With a bare minimum of five hours of gameplay, but probably more if you try to experience all the optional content the game offers, the beta it's currently a good indicator of how the game will play out in the future.
We have also used this release as a beta testing program, so that we could fix bugs and glitches people found on their playthoughs.

With the current release (1.5), we are proud to announce that the game is completely playable with barely any bug across the adventure.
Just a sidenote for those who may have not noticed while reading: The game is NOT a remake, nor will it ever be one. Drab Conspiracy is a completely original adventure set in a Kanto built from the scratches, completely overhauled and with little similarities to the original region. We are not even using Fire Red, we're working on Ruby, so trust me when I tell you you won't find even a line of text from the original games.

The maps are so big they could almost be considered "open world", and they are filled with optional content players can choose to experience or bypass altogether.
Everywhere in the game are hidden items, quests, and sometimes even branching paths in the story. Will you help the lab's assistant or act as a frightened child? I'm not going to tell you how to live your adventure, but be aware: certain actions could have consequences...
This doesn't mean our game is a sandbox experience, because it's not. It's a single player, story-driven game, and the plot takes a huge part on the adventure. But we wanted the adventure to be YOUR adventure, and so we've filled the game with content so that the player can choose how to live his own, personal experience.

We are trying our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players. This means we are working hard on building complex maps filled with secret content and subquests, shaping awe-inspiring graphics and orchestrating original and fun events, involving good story and fun characters.
There will be a minimum of 15/20 hours of gameplay, but again, it could be more depending on how the player decides to live his adventure.
We are not trying to ship a game comparable to the "sacred cows" of the genre, but we'll try our best to deliver the best possible experience to our players: We won't probably be the very best, but we'll at least deliver a fun, emotional game that can let you spend some hours without regretting it!

We don't have a release date to share at the moment. This is not a job, this is a fanmade project we work on during our free time. We hope to release the second beta during 2019 holidays, but of course it's still just a placeholder date.

our journey has begun way back on September 2 2015, as a Joke between myself, the founder (IvanFGK), and my friend Stygian. From there onwards, the most skilled among the italian ROM hacking community have gathered and participated in the development of the game.
After a long hiatus in 2017, the development resumed during summer 2018, when most of the game have been shaped and the first beta released.
It was a somewhat buggy release, and it would take six months for the game to be released in the current, definitive form (v1.5), with bugfixes and new content (two new maps, an old map completely redesigned, new events and gameplay balances).
We consider ourselves skilled in what we do, but we've never worked on a project of this caliber - a game with new graphics, settings and original story and characters. As the founder, I'm proud of the work of everyone who has worked with me and all the support they have given me during these years.


- In maps with custom weather, menu icons turn black.
Harmful? No.
Fixable? It fixes itself when you leave the map.
- Sometimes, weird symbols and letters will appear when opening the pc.
Harmful? No. The text is still completely readable.
Fixable? It fixes itself when you close the pc.
- The region map is currently not working.
Harmful? No.
Fixable? We'll fix it in future releases.
- When catching a Pokémon, the usual Pokédex screen will show up and display gibberish text.
Harmful? No.
Fixable? Yup, just close the Pokédex and the game will proceed as normal.
- Certain menus are displayed in English.
Harmful? Only if you don't know English...
Fixable? We'll fix it in future releases.

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DOWNLOAD: Download Drab Conspiracy [BETA 1.5 Released]


Cover for Beta 2.0 (wtf?)

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Mira, una letra

If the story is developed in KANTO, after some scratches, some "nice" changes are found, I have not played the 'Beta' yet, but I already download it, I'll see how the story unfolds and I'll take into account what's going on 'Open world', to see how the 'Events' unfold.

The graphics are fine, I do not call much 'the way of the city, in the fourth image', and a little more natural environment in the routes, the rest I like.


Mira, una letra
I have not played the game too much, but I come to give my points of view.

I guess everything, I rely on the taste of the 'minisprite', the protagonist is very high on the front and back, and it becomes weird at the time of movement, is not the place hot ?.

Second, some events are there more or less, in the 'Event' to deliver the object to the school, at the time of leaving we are approached "Kyon", I think that was the name, we have to make a movement so that activate the 'Event', also when it is removed, it crosses the lamppost.

Third, the graphics are fine, do not be so changed the 'minisprite' of the NPC, but that last, the graphics of nature are fine, although you must add a little more naturally, since the town looks a bit empty , the map if it is big as you said and I take it normal. As the project was barely resumed, I do not know if those things are changing, since all Rom Hacking, must start playing his own game you must at once. I'll keep seeing what else I find.

The 'Event' of the fight when you receive your Pokémon, is well done. Do not separate houses so much.


Usuario de Platino
There are a lot of interesting things here, the altered Pokémon, the dialogue options or how to tackle situations... I feel this will be the main appealing of the game.

For the story, I will need to ask why choose Kanto. Is kind of far away from Hoenn, wouldn't be more logical to put the story in Hoenn, the main affected region? Or Sinnoh, that is just next to this one.

Will try to play your Beta in the following days, just wanted to make this questions before starting.


Your life, your fate.
Hello E2vAn, I take that I have written for the MPB commenting your post. Start commenting on the good, and that has made Kanto feel very different in his game, maps are nice, but the direction of the tall grass that with Andrea, reduce it a little. Something that has given me a lot of time has been very easy to capture, as well as to use it in my case, in this case, in the case that it is very low, and to use the safari balls. In general, the game could promise, as long as a revision is made in the curve of the difficulty, which is like the foam in a blink of an eye, in the event that it is.