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Base game: Pokemon Fire Red

Hello, I am a geek of pokemon and an expert player in pokemon. I have modified this hardcore edition called PROFFESIONAL FIRE RED, created from fire red edition. I have been inspired in kayzo editions. First of all, thanks to blue and kaizo for everything. I have finished the complete games in the option "set" in the game and it was a very gratefull experience. Although I have seen,(as an experienced player), some things which can be improved. For example:

- Kaizo:

--> Trainer's pokemon in kaizo were at level more than 100, due to it the game is a bit unfair after Elite Four.
--> Gym leaders and Elite Four use many items for healing their pokemon, due to it the game is a bit hard, not natural.
--> There won't be really "strategies", it was all base in stats adn powerful movements. Let me show you how I can make you suffer with "Strategy", you will need it to beat my gym leaders, Elite Four and Blue.

So, I have fixed all this in the edition PROFESSIONAL FIRE RED.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT, READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I have created a text document for you, indicating all CHANGES (and the RULES) respect the Pokemon Fire Red, so, if I have not said anything about
a certain pokemon or ability or something, use the rest of the documents (own of expert emerald) for informing you about it. Of course, you can
get all pokemon of gym leaders(read the document).

PD: I have modified too professional Crystal, professional Emerald and professional Platinum. I am going to create a hack of black/white 2, I am on it.


Pokemon Proffesional Fire Red Edition


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jose que quieres que te diga es un hackrom bueno aunque pues seria otro mas del monton este ya existe radical red pues la comunidad busca algo fresco o un remake de gbc