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  • ¡Hello Jiangzhengwenjz! ¡I think we've never spoken directly but is a pleasure! First of all, ¡Thank you very much for your contribution of movements!¡ It is very useful! I have seen several contributions from you and your photobucket page. I have walked by it several times and I think your work is really good :OMG:.
    I have a problem for a while and it is with my jump system (I do so with triggers with setmaptile, changing predefined blocks). The problem I have with some style blocks on water 3C do not want to change if the player is surfing. To do this I have decided to put on the triggers a comparison of whether the player is surfing or not.

    I wondered if there was any byte or variable to determine if the player is surfing or not.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. A hug. :)
    I refer that when you make the pokemon logo, the frame advance too slow, and it doesn't see very well.
    About the bag, sorry my friend, i didn't see the buttons at the bottom of the bag xD
    The animation of the pokeball before battle scene it's great, but you need to get better the animation when is proximetly to complete it. (I can see more white spaces between frames..)
    About the bags, the best one is the blue bag. But
    I guess that you don't need anything of asm to do it right? It's only various frames in the same image right? (I never try to change the bag lol)
    I never used functions of memory allocation haha in rubi all is quite simple!
    I hope to see more about you!
    Mm quite simple i guess..
    Only search the routine to show the trainer card, and then create a new object with this new routine right?

    By the ways it's nice
    So, you are only researching and programming new systems!
    That's amazing!
    I hope to see more about you!
    But but.. You can upload videos of asm routines in your youtube channel like me!
    Nice! As i told you i hope to see a video!
    Futhermore i want to see your hack! Have you changed the fr graphics?e.e
    Yup! Your bait system is really amazing! I specially like the graphics you show when the script told you which bait do you want to use.

    It's now endecd? I specially like to see in a video hehe
    And your routine works more or less like the idea i had haha

    Because i wanted fish diferents pokemon with special conditions thanks to the bait, and select one pokemon or other checking wich road i'm using!
    Sure, when i will be on my pc, i will give you the rom wherr i was working and it have all the data modified.
    The fish system isn't ended.
    It's only work the process of fish with baits, and the function of its.( burning, double battle..)
    But, for make it work before you need to put the routines that makes this effects.

    Finally, the offsets you put in the last message is:

    086B143A -> the pokemon in the first slot of "fishing wildbattle" (in each map is diferent, is the wild pokemon data table)

    08084f3c -> ldr r0,[rx,rx] (or something like this) is the part of default routine that loads the table of the first pointer and choose one pokemon randomly for make a wildattle.

    08084f36 -> i need to delete 8 bytes, to make my hook.
    Put ldr r0,.your_routine_to_select_the_pokemon_via_fish
    Bx r0

    Buh, i have a coffee machine as a pc, so skype makes my pc slow.
    Spanish rom hackers are a MEH!
    Most of them download but anybody try to use it and tell me what can i do better or fix some bug..
    In pokeco one user is fully testing and give me s feed about the posible bugs, anyways i think that's it's because is on spanish or each people think in diferents forms..

    And i only want know your opinion haha how to improve my routines, for me you're a great asm hacker, and four eyes loks better than two.
    Hmm.. I will send a MP to ivancr, and i hope that he solve this problem.
    But.. You have problems visiting it as a user or guest?
    Not yesterday or the same day i release the prhe.
    But now i can visit it! Why you ask me it?
    Well, I found the problem.
    for ladder work properly with your movements, I have to change some routines of steps. The problem with the bike is that routine that I already possess not run if the player is in it. and still not found the routine where there is a check of the bike data.

    So I will try other things to take advantage of the movements that you created! probably back that hook on the menu "continue" or in the end of the routine "Previously on your quest ...". Thank you.
    That's not what I meant.
    The movement itself works well. The question is that it always has the same speed.
    Unlike the speed of running and bycicle.
    (Translated by Google.)

    Was there any way to create new diagonal movements with the other sprites of the player: running and cycling?

    I managed to make a routine check OW player [running / on the bike] and run the diagonal movement. Just need to insert the movements in diagonal with the right sprites.
    Sorry for the wrong grammar. I'm using google translator.

    What this not working properly, is the routine that applies the diagonal movements in Minisprites through the tiles. The movement itself, work properly. The routine of the tiles not distinguish when the player is walking, running or cycling.

    Because of this I would like for that hook at the start of the game. For the other routine (the video) function without errors of the WalkingScripts from JPAN (not load the wild pokemon when we walk through the grasses).

    But I'll see if I can put this hook again. Thank you!
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