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  • disculpa cual es el tamaño máximo para esta rutina:

    I wanna change a Pokemon's PID justo to make it shiny, does it change the checksum automaticaly or not?

    long time ago I tried to edit some data of a poke. But the I didn't know to avoid the checksum. Do you know how it works?
    Hiya jiang, excuse me but: what do you mean with C function format?
    Also, none of those routines have 4 or more arguments
    I understand perfectly what you mean and thank you for sharing the source code of your routine. Too bad it is not in ASM but in C language. I still do not learn C language but I will try to understand the code.

    I understand you perfectly!

    I also thought if it was so easy because no one had done it. Honestly the routine works perfectly and does what it should do, I even looped to load 50 continuous images and did not give any problems as does the Vs. Bar Personalizable of Invert that after loading 5 images hangs the game. But yes, at the hardware level it should be loaded into the buffer and loaded into the VRAM with the next vertical sweep. I will continue to research and try to improve the routine.

    With respect to calling a msgbox after the image, it simply deletes the image completely and loads the same text if I call a showpokepic. But if I call the showpokepic before the image both are kept on screen without any problem, something that can not be done with the routine I mentioned before.

    Thankful with your advice and any changes or improvements you can make to the routine to do what is promised without problems, will be welcome.
    You mean it's not guaranteed to be written in the VRAM what? The TileSet? The TileMap? Or the Palette?

    Because I have checked all the functions and express what they say.

    GBATEK - Bios Decompression Functions
    I did it!

    FR | RF Mostrar Imágenes a Pantalla Completa by CompuMax

    I love ASM, it's really easy and magical
    Hola yo soy MenozdozDarkus. Mi nombre viene de mi villano favorito, Menozdozmus, y de que me gustan los pokemons del tipo oscuro. Mis favoritos son Umbreon y Darkrai.
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