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  • Se acuerda que deje ese Ev-Iv in screen bueno tengo el viejo y si funciona, no se si hizo una actualización, pero ahora que lo baje no funciona.
    Disculpe lo he arreglado, no se si usted haya actualizado recientemente, pero un amigo me mando la que bajo hace tiempo y funciono, quiere los documentos?
    Lo que pasa es que queria hacerlo para una rom especial, aunque no hay manera de cmabiar los punteros de la bin
    La carpeta la tengo en el scritorio y no crea el bin, hace tiempo me funcionaba a la perfección pero ahora no quiere
    Man, i need something.
    You passed me the data of this code:
    2_zps4bfpwoz4.gif gif by jiangzhengwenjz | Photobucket
    May you pass me it again?
    What problems have you found in double wild battle system?
    IMO, only the exp gained when you defeat the pokemon at left..
    ¡Yeah! ¡I see! ¡Is this! ¡Thank you so much Jiang! ¡You're the best! ¡This will help me a lot!
    A big hug. :boogie::boogie::boogie:
    Wow, this rutine makes me feel like a really noob in ASM concepts C': . I have made a long seen and I'm confusing of how use it. I can know if the next block have some behaviour or not (A jumping bloc for example/ hillside) but this is no related with if I am doing surf o not.
    You talk me about the jump behaviours 0x38, 0x39, 0x3A, 0x3B ¿Right? With this rutine I can know if the next block have the behaviour but helps with tre principal problem: if level permission of the Player=4?/if Palayer is surfing?.
    I think it should be some byte in the rom that changes when player is surfing to walking, or walking to surfing. Also a byte for the player's permision level. (my point of interest)

    I think that I'm not explaining well the case.Thanks for respond me and sorry for the inconvenience. A hug bro.

    Pd: yes, I take some time for read the case and think my answer x'D
    Wow thanks . But you're talking about compare the behavior byte o_O. But this is used to apply for block below the player, not next block ¿Isn't it? :(

    ¿Why not determine if the player is surfing or not? I think that it shoud be a method, one example is permission level. When you are in block with permision C your in level 2, when you are in water (permission 4) you're in level 1.

    I think that know the byte of when permission level changes is faster using only a:
    comparefarbyetobye 0x(offset permission level) 0x4
    if 0x1 go to @end
    [...] currently scripts with setmaptiles predefined
    #org @end
    Sure! Well i hope to see more asm routines made by you, you're ON FIRE!
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